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It's mainly focused toward gay and bisexual pagan men, but there is some stuff that might be of general interest to GLBT folks and to pagans. There are still a few cosmetic things I need to correct on the new store site, but mainly it's open for business.

Right now I have some of my pagan / mythological photos for sale - both as framed prints and as digital downloads.  Also I'm starting to write some e-booklets on GLBT paganism to supplement topics brought up on the show.  Right now there's a booklet called "GLBTs and Paganism 101" which is an introduction to some of the more common pagan paths and how GLBT folks fit into these.

The store is located at: http://melmystery.matrixwerx.com/store

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Episode 7: "Over" the Rainbow - Part 1 - Originally broadcast in 2009

Gay people who are over the "gay scene" - Gay Gods: Freyr - Fairy Facts: Bifrost Bridge and Rainbow Serpent - News - Book Review: The Trouble with Normal

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