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News - Phallicism and Horned Phallic Gods - Hymn to Herne - Unicorns and Phallicism - Austin Powers as a modern Phallic god?

My latest podcast on "The Gay Werewolf Connection".

Topics include:

Links between homosexuality and werewolves in metaphor and myth including Greek, Roman, Norse, and Celtic mythology. King Lycaon of Greece;  Romulus and Remus in Rome;  Norse Ulfhednar, Vargr, and Berserkers; Celtic Bleiden; European werewolf trials;  links between homosexual initiations and werewolves; shape-shifting; shamanic travel; bears, wolves, otters as gay body archetypes; animal totems; modern furry, therian, and werewolf sub-cultures; similarities to transgenderism;  werewolf rituals; the story of the two wolves inside each of us.

New episode for June 5, 2013.

Letters - Inuit Creation Story of Aakulujjuusi and Uumarnituq featuring a male couple and transgenderism - Review of the Book "Gay Witchcraft" by Christopher Penczak - Review of the Movie "Oz: The Great and Powerful" - Music includes "It's Magic" and "Eskimo Love Song" - Plug for Coph Nia: A Mystical Gatherning for Gay and Bisexual Men August 7-11, 2013 in French Lick, Indiana

I noticed a problem with episode 7B - Over the Rainbow, Part 2 today.  I've re-uploaded the file and it appears to be good now.

Episode 7b is about why some gay men are over the gay scene.


P.S. I'm going to do a spot check this weekend to ensure all the other files are fine.  If you notice any problems, please by all means drop me an e-mail. Thanks.

Episode 7: "Over" the Rainbow - Part 2 - Originally Broadcast in 2010

News - History of the Rainbow Flag - Why some gay men might be over the gay scene - Merits of the gay scene - Creating new scenes

It's mainly focused toward gay and bisexual pagan men, but there is some stuff that might be of general interest to GLBT folks and to pagans. There are still a few cosmetic things I need to correct on the new store site, but mainly it's open for business.

Right now I have some of my pagan / mythological photos for sale - both as framed prints and as digital downloads.  Also I'm starting to write some e-booklets on GLBT paganism to supplement topics brought up on the show.  Right now there's a booklet called "GLBTs and Paganism 101" which is an introduction to some of the more common pagan paths and how GLBT folks fit into these.

The store is located at: http://melmystery.matrixwerx.com/store

Episode 7: "Over" the Rainbow - Part 1 - Originally broadcast in 2009

Gay people who are over the "gay scene" - Gay Gods: Freyr - Fairy Facts: Bifrost Bridge and Rainbow Serpent - News - Book Review: The Trouble with Normal

Episode 6.5: The Healing Power of the Serpent -- Originally broadcast February 2009

This is a shorter mini-episode. It's about 33 minutes and includes a review of the 2009 Feast of the Red Dragon, a charity event hosted by the DC Radical Faeries, a talk on the healing power of the serpent in mythology, and a dedication to my Dad.

Episode 6: "Men"torship - Originally broadcast August 2008

Gay Gods: The Green Man - Letters - Topic: Mentorship - Interview with a Mentor and a Mentoree - Fairy Facts: Green is Gay - David tells us about the "Green Man effect" - Some cool music from emusic.com - Bloopers

Resources and other links:

Green Man photo shoot by Mel Mystery , July 27, 2008 (I have a small selection of fantasy images on my photography site including the Green Man, Perseus from Greek mythology and a few others): www.matrixwerx.com

Big Brothers hit for backing gay mentors: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/734167/posts

White Crane Journal article on "Secret Mentorships": http://whitecrane.typepad.com/journal/2006/10/white_crane_70__9.html

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy's_Hollywood_Screen_Kiss

Next episode: "Over" the Rainbow

Episode 5: Gay Men's Rites of Passage --  Originally broadcast May 2008

Gay Gods: Cernunnos- Letters - What is a Rite of Passage? - Interview with a Rites of Passage Expert - Coming Out as a Rite of Passage - What's a "trolling"? - Fairy Facts: Who is Harry Hay? - Review of the book "Gay Warrior" - Some cool music from emusic.com - Bloopers

Resources and other links:

Druidic Coming Out Rite: http://druidnetwork.org/rites/healing/coming_out.html

The Home of Dr. Troll: http://www.mindspring.com/~grazer/trollcam/doctortrollvoice.htm

Next episode: "Men"torship

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